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The Parish vision is to foster spiritual growth through Christ-like action




Baptism is with water and the Holy Spirit in the name of the Holy Trinity. It is a sacrament. [Re-baptism is not allowed and will automatically put the candidate outside the sacramental life of the Anglican Church]

Application for Baptism is made to the parish priest, and application forms will be issued by him/her after the applicants have been interviewed.

Where the applicants are not members of the parish, they are required to produce a written consent from the priest in whose parish they are members.


Adults should be confirmed as soon as possible after their baptism. Usually, the Bishop baptises adults at the service of their Confirmation. Adults should have at least one sponsor who shall present the candidate and thereby promise to support them by prayer and example in their Christian life. Adults being prepared for Baptism shall receive instruction and training in' the Christian faith and life, to enable them to make a commitment to the ministry and mission of the church


Parents are encouraged to bring their children for baptism preferably as soon as possible after their birth though this is not essential. Parents or guardians applying for the baptism of infants in their care should themselves be confirmed, regular communicants on the roll of the parish in which they make application.


Godparents or sponsors represent the wider Church in promising to take responsibility for the Christian upbringing of the children.
Each candidate for baptism shall have one or more sponsors who have been baptized. It is the intention that sponsors be baptized communicants of the Anglican Church.
While it is the intention that sponsors be communicants of the Anglican Church, communicant members of the CUC (Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregational) Churches, as well as those from other churches that accept the Nicene Creed and practise infant baptism, may be included as additional godparents or sponsors.

Parents, guardians and godparents are the primary and principal sponsors of the infants they present for baptism. They solemnly promise to bring up the child to be a loyal member of the Christian Church by their I example and teaching.


Parents and godparents are to be instructed in the meaning of baptism and prepared for the responsibility of helping the children in the knowledge and love of God and in the fellowship of the Church.
Unless the child is in the care of a single parent or the parents are divorced or separated, both parents are expected to attend the baptism classes. This applies whether one of the parents belongs to another denomination or not, to ensure that the baptism is being administered with the approval and support of the non-Anglican parent.


Baptism is normally administered on a Sunday at the Eucharistic celebration of the Parish.


It is customary to make a donation to the church as a thanksgiving to God for the gift of the child to be baptised. The parents also usually donate the flowers in the church for the Sunday of the baptism.






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